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The Moda chain is the biggest clothing specialist retail chain in Finland. There are 37 Moda retail shops all over Finland. For specific opening hours and contact information for the shop nearest you, go to our shop locator page.

Moda is owned by Finnish private retailers. Together with their professional employees, they offer you their expertise and help you make the right choices whether it is for casual or festive occasions. Moda shops feature one of the most extensive selections of brands in Finland. Our personnel are genuinely devoted to individual service. We monitor the level of service in our shops and we would be very grateful to hear about your experiences with our service. Contact our Moda retailers directly or send the Moda chain an email. The email addresses for individual retailers can be found in the shop locator page. To email the Moda chain,click here. The operations of the Moda chain and the S.T.I trademark and production are handled by Texmoda Fashion Group.

Texmoda Fashion Group is one of the largest operators in the clothing industry in Finland. Its total sales for its affiliates was well above 80 million euros in 2015. The youth clothing chain Jim & Jill is also part of the Texmoda chain.

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